I recently saw a Nissan Murano crosscabriolet( which looks like a frowning clothing iron) on the way home from dinner the other night, I remember thinking to myself “why the heck did they build that thing?”. The next day I saw a gtr. I just had a miraculous thought, Nissan is the only volume selling automaker that takes risk.

They make formulas that shouldnt work work beautifully, such as the Gtr which is a front enging, all wheel drive, boxy supercar. But it drives like a dream crushing some ferraris like the 360 to bits.

Things like the crosscabriolet and Gtr are big risks for Nissan. Another thing that Nissan does very boldly is design, its not quite as flamboyant as a lexus rcf but the new maxima is the closest thing to a fighter jet you can daily drive that you can buy. The reason I applaud them for these risks is that its not always profitable to take risks like this because the cost of design and manufacturing surely outweighs sales on the Gtr. Its a finacial risk that a company like Toyota would never take.