This is the city of Worcester's idea of a plowed road. as of 4pm EST

I should mention that it has been raining and above freezing all day. which means that is all wet compacted slush. its also going to be well below freezing tonight. which means that this is all gonna be ice in the morning. 

That is also the reason i spent an hour digging out my truck yesterday. because the snowbanks surroung the cars on either side of me are going to be solid ice tomorrow

to point it out, that is a mini behind me. trying to hide in the snowbank. which completely surrounds it. have fun getting that out. 


To top it all off, we're stil offically in "Winter Parking Ban" which means the other side of the street, even if it wasn't 3 feet on snowbank, is unavailable for parking. if i move my truck, chances are i'll lose my spot. this is my normal backup spot (not really supposed to park here, but occasionally do if i have no other choice. thats right, i mean that pile in front of my porch

looks like im not gonna be driving anywhere for a while.

/endrant   also, please excuse potato phone, it has a shitty camera