Why I Don't Hate Minivans Anymore

Well, before this weekend, I hated the idea of a minivan. I thought they were ugly, bland, horrid vehicles as a whole. I thought of them as the sign of "fun is over". This weekend changed that. I went on a college visit trip; 8 different schools, started 6:00 AM Friday morning and got home at 9:00 PM Sunday night. We put a total of 1,257 miles on the car. Now, the car was an Enterprise-rented 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan SE. Yes, it's stripped down. No, it doesn't have that rear overhead console or 2 TV's. Honestly, that didn't matter. I began to truly realize the genius of the minivan. It may be ugly, but it is incredibly comfortable. Just my dad and I, all those miles, and I had realized that this was the ultimate traveling vehicle. The seats are made of this suede-like cloth, and they were very comfortable. The car had the "touring" suspension, and it was incredibly soft. Obviously lap times were not a priority, but this was one big and comfortable highway cruiser. The air and heat worked well, and it was nice seeing 3-zone climate control in a sub $30,000 car. There were storage pockets everywhere, and there were a total of 13, yes, thirteen, cup holders. Everything I had from my laptop to my wallet and phone had a place. We had spent hours on end in this van, and not once did either of us get any sense of fatigue or discomfort from the ride. There was space; a lot of it. We averaged about 20 miles to the gallon, something that could not be found in a large SUV. Overall, it got us to where we wanted to go, it was extremely comfortable. Sure, the dash is rock hard. Yes, it's a bit sluggish. No, it's not beautiful. Somehow, I loved it.


Here's a photo of some of the scenery. :D

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