They forced the nation’s highest gas tax on us, telling us it was to fix our shitty roads. Now, transportation projects in two of California’s poorest and brownest counties, with the highest population of immigrants, are being canceled. They are liars and hypocrites and repeatedly act to only help the wealthiest and whitest parts of the state.

Yhe money will almost certainly be spent on commissions and consultants to conduct studies and issue policy reports, just like the high speed rail money. These commissions and consultants will be the friends and family (and campaign contributors) of Democratic politicians. Just like high speed rail. And here in the San Joaquin Valley, we get shit on once again. This is why I hate the fucking Democrats. All they do is screw the place I live. Maybe the Republicans are shitheads, but the people who consistently hurt us aren’t those shitheads. Rant over.

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