Not because I are one, but because I am a GOOD one, and so many out there are fucking button pushers and...

See that? It's an F150 EcoBoost, without a front plate bracket. Illegal here in WI, so the used vehicle we got in has to have one. Ford makes one. BUT, on the EcoBoost, it's off center.

So we call the local Ford dealer (there's a lot of them, we just call the closest which by no means is a small, barely staffed store) to get the bracket. It replaces that black cover on the driver's side. Been through this before, and same thing happened as last time. Dealer sent us the blanks. Called them up to say "No, there is a kit with an actual license mount in it, I've gotten one before."


And I get, "Nope. Got to drill into the plastic we sent you".


So I took FOUR FUCKING SECONDS on Google to not only find the image, but forum threads, eBay sales, and a PART NUMBER that the dealer I called HAS IN STOCK!!!


Know your brands, dealer people. I take pride in my job and trying to know the ins and outs of all things Mazda.... I couldn't tell a lady the other day if the newer clear tail lights from a Altima would fit her 2009, but I know what later or earlier model parts will fit a Mazda.

/rant off