Pictured is my friend’s car. He bought it off another mutual friend about a year ago. It’s a 1989 and has 42,000 miles on it.

Anyway, he starts having an issue with the dash lights Saturday night. They won’t turn on at all with the headlamps on as they’re supposed to yet will come on when the door is opened. That eliminates any fuses, bulbs, and the dash right off the bat. What’s left? The headlamp switch.

I tell my friend to spin by yesterday as I’m detailing my Cougar for the first time in months and I have that exact switch in a box in my garage (same switch as in the 83-88 Cougar/Thunderbird with the auto lamp feature). Upon pulling out the old one my diagnosis is confirmed. Part of the rheostat broke that holds 2 metal contacts together. To actually repair the unit is quite involved. It’s a REAL pain to disassemble without breaking more components. I swapped in the one I had. Problem solved. No local parts stores had the part. Cheapest one online right now is $70....Not to mention time saved.

My wife questions my parts hoarding and boxes of many things. Yesterday was an answer to it. Even she was impressed. Almost as impressed as when my power window switch went and we had to be somewhere and I just pulled one out of a box, swapped it in and off we went making our destination in time.


Happy Monday. It’s finally starting to feel like springtime here. Tune in next week as I finally install the 4 note Cadillac horns and factory correct coil cover in my Cougar.