I debated using the term classic versus old car but let’s face it my 67 Bug is old. It’s quirky, has its issues and can be a real pain in the ass to drive, especially in NoVA/DC traffic. But I love to drive it. It’s just fun. It requires a symbiotic relationship that is lost in today’s modern snoozefest cars.

I was filling up the other day and I got approached like I nearly always do. “Hey what year’s your Bug”? I’ll tell them and I get two responses usually; “Yeah I drove one in HS/college and I loved that thing” or “My buddy had one. That car was great”. The conversation can go on from there and can last from 5-10 minutes before we go on our separate ways. Now sometimes, it’s not convenient for me to hang out but it’s usually not a big deal.

I was reflecting on it the other day and I think it boils down to an older/classic car reeks of nostalgia. It reminds people of a simpler or better time when life wasn’t kicking them in the balls/ovaries. Those moments are important. I know for me, I can get locked in a rut where all I do is reflect on the garbage going on in life. If something can remind me of a good time in life, I remember that it’s not all bad.

Now I am not saying that damn car doesn’t have issues. If the person at the gas station actually cared or really wanted to know, I could list the issues, toot sweet.

Shakes like a bastard in 1st gear.

Windshield leaks in heavy rain

Windshield wiper arms are useless

Brights are always on; no matter what I do

Finicky starter

Interior is a mess

And the list goes on and on. But they don’t really want to hear that and to be honest, I don’t really need to explain. This is an old car. Old cars have issues but they are damn fun to drive.