Goodbye BRZ, you were a fun little car. Time for something new (to me) and different.

Why I sold:

1. Its slow for a sports car. Pokey, sluggish, torque-free. All show, no actual go. Each of these criticisms is fair and accurate. "But, but, but the Miata is slow" you inevitably argue. Yes, and I can buy one off Craiglist for $5k, not $25k.

2. Room. Its has none. Groceries in Trader Joes paper bags had to be belted into the passenger seat, as the truck's a joke and the rear seats are a royal pain to get at.

3. Engine note- its sounds like a cheap blender full of rocks.

4. Nav/Stereo- extensively criticized by everyone. With good reason- infotainment systems are Subaru cryptonite. Good double din opening if you want to drop a grand upgrading to a nice aftermarket system and speakers though.


5. Prius tires are stupid and a gimmick.

6. No rear visibility at all, yet no back up cameras (Subaru only puts those in cars you can actually see out of- I think this is Japanese humor based on watching their game shows).

7. If you are not on the track, this car doesn't make much sense.

8. The BRZ/FRS community is umm, interesting.

Pros for the BRZ:

Its seriously cheap for a rear wheel drive, six speed manual car with great handling. But beware the new base WRX- its better (at everything) for nearly the same price.


Those seats are great.

Double Din opening always a plus.

Handling is great, especially after ditching the gimmick tires.

It looks the business (even if it can't back it up).

Proper E brake!

Sold it to Carmax, no regrets buying it, and none selling it. Time for something different.