JKM7680 has a detailed and not unreasonable post detailing his (ahem) position on the stance movement. I drafted a reply, but it became long enough that it should be its own post. It follows:

If you take his post, then change the subject from “stance” to “rods” around, change the picture and you’d be restating what was said in the 40s & 50s about the kids hot-rodding 32 fords. (So basically, if everything you said was different, it would be a different argument. I understand that this is a bad way to start. Hear me out please.)

Hotrods were worse in nearly every way (except for outright speed, dirt-cheap cost and the undeniable increase in ability to youth-in-eyes youngins) than new cars of the same era. Seriously, look at the deathtrap below. No current SCCA event would let that thing in the lot, much less race.

But the kids, they loved them, and about 1 on 1000 was pretty dang cool, faster, and better handling than a new car of that decade. Some of those guys (go Google Smokey Yunick) went on to do really cool stuff.


The people who drove them were not law-abiding citizens. They were hoodlums. (Granted, hoodlums from those decades can seem less scary than modern hoodlums, but the gradual increase in violent behavior is cross-cultural and a subject for another time) This is how they were portrayed by the “man”

If cursive writing on windshields is a problem, ask your grandma what she thought about kids repainting their cars to look like WWII fighter-planes. (Wait, you are still young enough have a grandma right? If not, I’m sorry about your Nan. Mine was freaking awesome. But she hated hot-rods)

Same thing here. Some of these cars are pretty dang cool. MOST are complete crap (ones like this are pointedly useless on purpose—solely self-expression with no presumed daily usefulness.) This is also true of bro-trucks, ricers, and [insert name of fringe automotive group here]. There are cool cars of every stripe being built by folks who are making do with what they have or who are looking for something cool and different from the rest of their peers. Some of them would make cool weekend cars, but most would be miserable daily drivers...for a soccer mom in her mid 30s. They’d be hella-cool high-school cars. By which i mean much better than my sweet un-modified 71 4D Olds Omega in some brownish green with a browning-brownish-green vinyl top.


I’d daily-drive the heck out of the lightly-stanced 5 series at the top even if it hurts a little that it’s a classic E28. It’s well done. At least 8 out of 10. Would hoon.

Otherwise, I saw let them have their fun....unless they ruin a rare car stupidly...or drive a non-modified-straight-ruined-from-the-factory-sportback-CUV.

Actually I have a bigger problem with people in normal cars who are idiots than with “enthusiasts” of another stripe than mine....unless they are enthused about sportback-CUVs.....