Why I would actually be drunk on 14th of February! P.S. Not Car related, or is it?!

In my country(Bulgaria) on 14th of February, we have two fests. One is the Catholicconsummeristic Valentine's day and the other a local tribute for one St. Tryphon Zarezan, he is the patron saint of the wine. So yeah, all we that don't accept the consummerism of love, go and get drunk. For love you know, love of alcohol. It is pretty nice, of course as we are dark Balkan subjects wine in kind of too sophisticated, so you can substitute it wiskey, vodka or our local favorite alcohol - rakia(it can be done from various fruits, but unlike wine is around 40 to 55% alcohol consistency).

So my festivities include a lot of alcohol things, Shopska salad(the best fuckin' salad ever!) and a lot of car talk, because every single subject in my company eventually get to the point of talking cars. Cars are even bigger then politics, yay. Here have some glorious, E90 Touring.

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P.S. And guys and gals, DON'T drink and drive!