P1241 and P1870.

I was coming home, then suddenly, BOOM. No power. RPMS when not on the throttle fluctuated between 1-2k RPM, however, when I applied power, RPMs rose naturally. However, with RPM rise, there was no power. I was limited to traveling at 5mph. Every time I shifted up, my trans (flappy paddle gear box), would kick me down to a lower gear.

I get home, and see I get 2 engine codes: P1241, which can be caused by a faulty MAF sensor, faulty accelerator pedal postion sensor, something wrong with the torque monitor, or a Faulty ECM. Heres the kicker. I also got P1870. Transmission slip.


I turned off my car, and after crawling back home, let it sit. I came back out to try and restart it, and boom. Everything works. Until I get to 4th gear. Then I lose power, and the everything just starts slipping again.

Now, I think that the transmission problem is the main problem, which is causing the p1241 code. Also, this might be caused by the cold weather (I hope). My car is 95% stock (aftermarket catback).

Please tell me that this is because of this cold weather. Because if not, I'm super fucked, and going to be without a car.

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