Why Is 60 Minutes Dubbing Motor Noises Over Tesla Footage? (Video)

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Anyone watching 60 Minutes' interview with Elon Musk? They keep dubbing motor noises over driving footage of the Model S. It sounds like they recorded a motorcycle engine and used it to spice up the car footage. Whatever it is, it's not the sound of a Tesla. (Update: 60 Minutes admitted to dubbing the sound)


Maybe the drive-along camera was on a bike, and they used the audio footage? Regardless, it seems very weird and out-of-place. It's one thing to dub exciting motor noises over a mundane-sounding car, but to plop engine sounds on a car that most folks realize is nearly silent? That just seems . . . bizarre.

Update: Here's a small piece of the interview from CBS's website. Around the 40 second mark, there's Tesla driving footage that definitely includes motor noises that definitely don't come from a Tesla. In the full episode there were about three or four instances like this, complete with gear-shifting sounds that didn't correspond with the speed of the Model S (or the presumed camera vehicle).


Sure doesn't sound anything like this Tesla:

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