As far as I'm concerned it's a cheap, small, economical, off-road capable hatch that offers a turbocharged mill and a row-your-own stick shift. So many people here are lamenting the loss of cheap and economical offroaders like the Suzuki Samuri or Geo Tracker.


Imagine the capabilities of one. It could be lifted, like so many are talking about, and used as a mini Rock Crawler. It has a short wheelbase and tiny overhangs making it an ideal base for off road tuning. OR you could go the other way and make it a crazy hot hatch killer. Lower it and give it a road holding suspension and maybe a few chassis tweaks and it could be a competant little beast.

Just think what an SRT Renegade would be like. Aggresive front diffuser, low to the ground, give it a manual or the DCT they were talking about, throw in a Pentastar or maybe a fiat group turboed four-pot. Anything north of 230 HP, AWD, manual/paddles, what's wrong with that?? It just adds to the selection of already amazing performance deals on the market today: Focus ST, Fiesta ST, Toyobaru Twins (although not as practical), GTI, etc.

So for me the Renegade is an awesome vehicle. Yes 90% of them will be seen in shopping malls and at the salon, but what about 90% of the focuses on the road? I don't care if Jeep makes it into a hot hatch, it it's a good one then where's the problem? So many people complain about it diluting the brand - take a look at the liberty and compass for crying out loud and tell me they aren't soiling the sacred seven slit grill. For the 10% that go offroad or get the theoretical SRT renegade it will all be worth it.


That's my two cents

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