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Why is F1 so hesitant to use the safety car?

Now I'm one of the rare fans that closely follow both F1 and NASCAR. I usually dont get into any of the debates of one vs the other. I've always viewed them as completely different. But one thing I'll never understand is F1s handling of in race incidents. Safety car vs local yellow. Now I'll admit some of nascar's "phantom cautions" can get a bit annoying. But the series always errors on the side of everyone's safety. Many of the incidents in F1, where the race stays green with a local yellow, borders on complete negligence and incompetence. These drivers are still racing at 9/10 under yellow. Basically all they do is not pass, and back off just the slightest to cut their sector time by a tenth or two, (because they are required to, and yes they are good enough to do that). If you have the same off that the car they are rescuing just had, now instead of hitting a tire barrier you are hitting a piece of heavy equipment. And as bad as yesterdays incident was, it could have been much worse, he could have collected a few corner workers in his off.

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