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Why is it

That I love buying/selling cars on Craigslist, and test driving random vehicles, but I’d rather jump into a molten lake then spend another minute looking for a new work truck at dealerships..? Maybe it’s just the pickup market that I hate? Ugh. I called in Jalopnik to help. 

I’m genuinely unsure. I’ve been to tons of dealerships with very real intentions of buying a new car for myself. That never actually materialized because Miata parts fund aand whatnot, but overall I didn’t mind the dealership experiences at all! But the past two weeks looking for a brand new base model F-150.... Good god. I’ve felt like I’ve had a noose around my neck. This has been endless stress, and I’ve been viewing salespeople as “the enemy” who’s sole purpose is to screw me over.


Delagating tasks to those who can do them better or faster is a large part of my job, so... I called Tom McParland! For those of you who don’t know, Tom is a full time Jalopnik writer who also works at Automach consulting to help clients find the best deals for vehicles, or just to save them from going through the sale process. I’ve often imagined using Tom for a new Volvo wagon in a few years, but a new work truck? Hey, why not!

Tom is a GREAT guy, and I highly recommend him. He gave me so much fantastic info on finding what I’m looking for, and eventually helped me come to the conclusion that a new full-size truck for the price I wanted was going to be more-or-less impossible to find. Despite the fact that we both decided this wouldn’t be a great fit for Tom’s business (he normally tries to stick to $35,000 and over transactions), Tom still spent hours on the phone with me helping me search, offering suggestions and providing invaluable insight. Seriously, great guy.

Anyways, there I was, back to square one. Looking for a base model work truck, the requirements being: full size bed, automatic, air conditioning (in a WORK truck. Fancy!), crew cab, cheap. Original price I was given by bossman was $20k.... For a brand new pickup. In the PNW. Lol.

New number was low $20's, which at least was doable. I made a few appointments, but after getting bait n’ switched twice (god I fucking hate salespeople) and getting numerous emails that blatantly ignored my requests, I started being somewhat aggressive in my emails, which... Uh. Seemed to work? I feel really uncomfortable sending out rude emails but it stopped all of the sales BS and landed me some prices I’m happy with. Strange world.


I’ll be checking out one tomorrow, and I reaaaaally hope it goes through. Brand new F-150 with a tow package, 8ft bed, and a few other options, and they’ll take $20,800 for it. The people I’ve spoken to and emailed at this particular dealership have been awesome, I’ve yet to feel like my time is being wasted.

Cross your fingers, Oppo. After the pickup, I’ve got two transit connects, two transit vans and... Another pickup to purchase.


Also if you have any tips for improving the overall dealership experience, please share

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