Any time an article pops up on the FP, the discussion usually devolves into tuck sentiment. Whatever. There’s also a subsection of truck owners that tend to agree with anti-pick up people, in taking some perverse satisfaction of the truck being a “work” truck, so it’s used and abused and put away wet. What’s wrong with taking care of your vehicle?

A lot of times, I’ll hear/read the statement “my truck is a tool and I use it like one, it gets washed when it rains”. Ok. I use tools, too. You know what I do when I’m done using my tools? I clean them. I hate going on to the next project, and reaching in and grabbing a greasy, gunky tool. You know what else operates better? Clean tools. You know what doesn’t eventually rust and become unusable? Clean tools. When I see a beat up truck, I don’t think “cool, they use that thing!”. I think, they treat their stuff like shit.


Disclosure: I love pickups. My first vehicle was a 1972 Chevy C10. I’ve had many pickups since that first one, Chevy/GMCs, Fords, and Toyotas. Loved em all, which is why I keep buying them.