Why is it so hard to buy a certified used car?

After a a few years of thinking into buying a new car, (well, new for me) I’ve decided to pull the trigger. I’ve decided to buy a CPO Nissan Maxima (don’t judge) but it looks like that’s harder than I thought it would have been, let me explain why.

Being into cars I’ve looked at cars.com and Autotrader every other day, to the point that my boyfriend was concerned and asked me if I was going crazy. The prices of the Maxima have been okay; it depreciated enough where it was a smart buy, its got great reliability and tons of content for the price. But as new car sales have taken off and more buyers are choosing new cars, it seems dealers are not interested in selling a used car anymore, why would they? they get kickbacks from manufacturers from moving units quick, the last few weeks every dealer showroom I’ve been in has been busy! in one of the dealers we could barely get a chair, and had to make sure we remained sitting in that chair otherwise another sales person would come and steal it (it stopped after my boyfriend made a comment to the offending party)


After multiple dealer visits and multiple emails with dealers, so far I’ve only gotten one dealer to go down $500 off their internet price (which is not bargain considering the prices they have are on top of the kbb value) It’s like they want me to just give in and buy a new car. I’ve gotten quotes for the new maximas and they go budge down up to 5,000 on one! I was surprised! if it wasn’t because 1. I don’t like the new maxima and 2. I will never pay $28,000 for a car. they’re very quick to drop prices on new cars but ask them to go down on that over-priced used car and they go bat crazy, like you’re insulting them!

Every single dealer I’ve tried to negociate the price with has come up with the answer of “have you thought of a new car, we can accommodate you in a nice loaded altima thousands off MSRP at the price you’re looking for!”. and it’s not just the lack of negotiation that im frustrated about, it’s the fact that they add fees on top of the already high price on a used car. one dealer in Atlantic city who shall not be named, lets call it Nissan of Atlantic city for reference, even tried to add a $1,000 prep fee, a $500 delivery fee (because why not?) and a $500 “not gap insurance fee” which was “already installed in every vehicle” thus raising the total price of the car by $2,000.

sorry for the rant, but I’m just ready to give in and buy that damn 4 cyl Altima for dirt cheap.

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