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Car: 2010 Ford Fusion SEL 2.0
Mileage: ~145,000 miles

Lately my car has developed a really bad vibration at idle. Once I start driving, it’s fine. There’s not any noticeable noise (to me at least). Or if I put the car in Park or Neutral when I’m stopped, it lessens significantly. So would that mean it’s a motor mount gone bad? Or a transmission mount gone bad? In researching those, they mention that you’d hear a noise associated with it. But I haven’t heard anything (although, my hearing sucks). I can’t think of what else might be causing it. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Oh, and the other thing making me think it’s a mount of some sort is that I do have a slightly aggressive driving style. I do a lot of highway/interstate driving, so this car is subject to a little bit of aggressive acceleration.


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