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Why is the government so incompetent?

I’ve been trying to disenroll from Medicare for the last few months after realizing that when my SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) ended, it did not automatically disenroll me from the mandated medical coverage.

And I apparently missed two open enrollment periods in a row in which I could “easily” disenroll. I’m now on the hook for about two or three quarters’ worth of Medicare Part A/B billing, and MedicareRX.

Which comes out to almost a thousand dollars. Am I supposed to be impressed? If I’m not actively using a medical plan, and I’ve had coverage for that time period, I should be allowed to retroactively nullify those bills.


The worst part is, the only way to disenroll from Medicare is to fill out a single sheet of paper, and mail it in. I did this twice. Once in January/February, and once this month.

I have yet to receive confirmation of any kind. I’m considering lawyering up if they don’t process my disenrollment after the third time and I’m saving a copy of that letter, plus mailing it by certified mail.

I really do not need this bullshit. I’m trying to rebuild my savings, and I’m trying to save for a house. And I’m trying to actually have a life. All these financial pressures are not helping, America.

Something’s gotta give -- and I’ll be damned if it’s the roof over my head. I’d sooner give the State Legislature an unholy ass-beating before that happens.


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