I have pretty much become the de-facto automotive purchasing agent for many of my friends and family. My Father, who goes through vehicles faster than Taylor Swift goes through boyfriends is my number-one client.

After a relatively long 1.5 years owing a Ford Explorer XLT, he wants to move back into a pickup. Prior to the Explorer, he had a ‘13 F-150 Ecoboost and only got rid of it due to my Step-Mom not being able to get in and out of it due to health reasons. Fortunately, she’s doing better and lost 40lbs so she can climb into a truck again and they regain the hauling ability a pickup offers.

Anyways, my Father became somewhat disenchanted with Ford lately and has spent a lot of time looking at the Nissan Titan. He likes in particular the ‘XD’ version which is like a ‘F250-lite’ when it comes to hauling and payload.

When researching vehicle for my Father, I always have to focus a lot on resale value (Note: He bought the Explorer against my advice and I have spent 4-months listening to him complain to me about how dealers aren’t giving him anything on trade) What I have come to find is rather surprising. Titans lose an INCREDIBLE amount of value! Like 50% after 2 years. That’s domestic sedan territory. Even the diesel, quad-cab, 4x4 versions lose 25% of value much quicker than it’s domestic counterparts.

So is it because the truck is bad? Or is it because it’s ‘Japanese’? Both the Tundra and Titan have never really been able to grab a significant portion of the full-size truck market even though every one I have been in have been pretty nice trucks. But the on-paper capabilities really do look to be lacking versus the domestics and it doesn’t look like you gain any increased driving comfort or efficiency for it. I guess that is more the reason resale suffers more than any other.


It’s unfortunate because I think my father would pretty happy in a Titan-XD, but I can’t recommend it to him because he will will be way too underwater when he gets bored and wants something new. All the positive-equity that he built from his Tacoma and F150 will pretty much be eaten up on trading his Explorer in.

And before you comment that he should look for something used or CPO’ed, I have tried repeatedly to go these avenues, but it’s not going to happen. It has to be new! More than likely I will try to steer him into another Ecoboost F150. Ideally a ‘16 2.7 Ecoboost, but I know he’s going to want the redesigned ‘17 3.5 ecoboost. Whatever, at least I’ll be able to do fun burnouts in it again.

It was fun doing burnouts in his last F150