Why isn’t this still a thing?

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The Lustron home got me thinking about the house my grandfather built for himself in the 50s. He was a salesman for Alcoa, and at some point he came to this realization that it was way easier to sell aluminum to yourself than anyone else, so he started a home building company. Family lore has it that he paid his workers really generously, but did everything else at cost, just profiting off of the commission from the aluminum.


The only thing I remember about his house is that there was a slot for safety razor blades in the wall, which seemed both gross, but also really smart. I thought this was his invention, but after some Googling, it seems like this was a fairly common thing.

I love safety razors, because I’m cheap and they’re cheap, and they’re easy to clean, so they last longer, too.


I’m guessing the argument against is that eventually someone is going to tear down a wall and get murdered by discarded razor blades, but that’s not really doing much at the moment to dissuade me from cutting a hole in my bathroom wall.

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