The market for these things has exploded over the past few years. It all started with the original CLS (which I still prefer to the current generation). Then BMW came out with the 6 series GC, the A7 popped up too, and now you can even order a baby BMW 4 door coupe in the form of a 4 series GC.

So, why isn’t there a cheaper, performance-oriented version of this concept? That could sell pretty well, right? I think that the Mustang would be a perfect starting point. They could alter the styling a little and call it the Galaxie or something nostalgic like that. Offer the ecoboost and the V8. And PROFIT. Surely there’s a market for something like that - specifically, the group of people who like the dramatic roofline of a 4 door coupe but don’t want to pay more than 35K for it.