Why Italians are Finicky

Well Oppo my $1600 Aprilia is deserving it’s Italian stereotype.

Look at that wiring mess. As a previous owner did some magical wiring fitting this aftermarket headlamp after having dropping the bike and then removing all the fairings. Why am I digging into it? Because the high and low beams are both on when the low is on and the handlebar switch turns them both off when switch to high beam.


After some clean up and then rewiring to separate the high and low beam wiring and plugging it all in... the high won’t work on its own. I figure fuck it and wired them both back together. I’d rather be seen than not anyway. And they work so there is that.


Now that is a naked bike! The SO and I tore the bike down looking for more issues and such. I got to ride the bike friday and then it wouldn’t start when I needed to go home... Turns out the Starter Relay had died and of course no one anywhere near me stocks it even if it is the same one used in the Yamaha R1 and other more common bikes.

Got a lot of little projects wiring and other wise fixed and taken care of, sadly that meant we didn’t have time for fluids yet, so that is still to come. I did get to ride it to the gas station full squid in jeans, t shirt, and the appropriate skateboard shoes.


Of course the bike punished me for this


Almost back home and the bike died on me and wouldn’t restart with the hot wire or the jumpbox. So pushing it back happened. It was at least nice out. The new starter relay should arrive later today and hopefully that will also fix the battery not charging (verified via tester). Otherwise the battery is toast and/or the stator is bad. Both of which I don’t really want to have to buy right now.

Yeah motorcycles!

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