Why I've driven my new to me truck just once.

Got it on 12/23, avoided driving on holidays.

Go out of town on 12/27, get home on 12/31, the title arrived in the mail on 12/30. They waited for the check to clear before mailing it out.

Doesn’t matter because the licencing places were closed on 12/31 and 1/1.

10 day trip permit expires on 1/1

On 1/2 go to get it registered. Dealer didn’t sign the odometer disclosure. They are on the opposite side of Portland. No opportunity to get there after work. Left a message asking my options, no response.


Going to go down Saturday and hope that I can get back before the licencing place closes at 2:30 otherwise I’ll have to wait until Monday and pay extra fees for taking more than 15 days despite my attempts to do so as quickly as possible.

So my truck has been sidelined because of a few inches of ink.

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