They suck, shoot them, let them burn. This is why halogen headlights are the king of headlights.

With more automakers no longer offering halogen headlights, I’m sad. Sure from a technology stand point they’re fossils. I like them over other options for some reasons. They emit some heat, and keep the headlight lense from freezing in cold weather.

Ex: The outer one is low beam, in heavy snow it never froze up. The inner one is hi beam, in heavy snow it accumulate on the lense since it was not on.

They also have the yellow tint to them. As the French found out yellow penetrates fog much better, then white. Think of a mirror, when you look in one you see your self. Same for white lights, when the white light hits the fog it want to bounce back. You can argue how its better technology, but you can’t argue with physics.

Design wise I think they are better, most headlights now look so tacky with maze of LED strips. This is the reason why I prefer the 2011-2014 Juke, the 2015+ Juke.


The pre-facelift one, looks great. Also had halogen lights.
The facelift one, that LED boomerang looks so unnecessary. It also has awful projectors.


Some cars that come with halogens, also take any non-halogen light terribly unless properly converted. The ones that are not converted properly, don’t throw the light as effectively. It scatters all over the road, blinding other drivers.

If automaker makes car that offerers non-halogen, & halogen lights, and I want higher trim that only have non-halogens, I will swap in the halogen lights.


Please post halogen headlights.