A few days ago a fellow car enthusiast told me he wasn’t mechanically inclined as others, hence why he wouldn’t do any such mechanical work on his Miata. This excuse was always one that didn’t make much sense to me when you break it down.

When a person states they aren’t mechanically inclined, they refer to the use of their hands, more so the skill of using their hands, taking apart mechanical assemblies, following manuals of repair, etc. The truth is that no one in the world is mechanically inclined. Every single person who works as a professional mechanic learned to become a professional. Every single person modifying their car learned to work on their car. Do you see where I’m getting at? This all requires knowledge and practice. No one is born and instantly knows how to do an oil change or change your steering rack. Just like no child is born instantly whom can play Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 on the violin.


Every trade and every skill requires practice and in part trial and error. Sometimes the mistakes we make working on cars can be the most valuable ones. Don’t want to risk it? Then take it to a shop.

You don’t have time to learn? Then don’t use the word”mechanically inclined”, simply state that you haven’t have the time to learn, the tools, the space or any of the other million excuses. This phrase is used all the time, even on this website.

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