They couldn’t just give me new tags. No, they had to give me new plates, and they applied the tags to the plates before giving them to me. I tried removing the plates today, but all I did was damage the head on one, and then pinched my hand several times as the pliers slipped off. I tried soaking them in WD40, figuring that this shouldn’t affect the paint as opposed to stronger penetrants. If I can’t find the vise grips I guess I’ll pay someone with more tools than me to get those screws out.

I’ve been driving with expired tags for a few months now and haven’t had any issues. I wonder if a cop would let me off if I showed current registration and the new plates? I haven’t crossed state lines, nor have I ventured into towns with excessively large and overzealous police forces looking for a payday. Here in the city there’s so much other bizarre shit going down that they don’t seem to bother with piddly shit like this.