Why modifying it when you're gonna sell it in a few months anyway?

I was asked.

Because for the few months it will be mine, I want it to be MINE. I don’t want to see another car on the street and think: it looks exactly like mine.

Since I don’t keep most of my cars for a long time, I don’t do extensive modifications. But if I can change it just a little bit to make it stand out in the crowd, I will.


That’s why I painted the wheels on my RX8, why I put 18" BBS wheels on a down to earth A4. That is also why I spent a complete week-end trying, failing, and trying again to wrap various body parts on the 208 and why I spent money on wheels and tyres when the car came with 2 sets of wheels.

Also: If I score OZ wheels and almost new Pirelli tyres for under 500€, why not?

Also: the summer tyres coming with the car came on the factory wheels, which look great, but combine a 5 spoke design with a 4 bolt pattern, so they look like cheap aftermarket wheels. Peugeot, why do you do this?


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