Illustration for article titled Why must it be this way? (Dealership Parts Counter Edition)

“Hello, Parts, may I help you?”

“Yes, 2011 Mazda 3; the little nylon plastic clips that hold the door panel onto the door.”


“You got the VIN?”

“Seriously? Mazda 3, 6, 9; they’re all the same.”

“Which door?”

“Dude! they’re all the same, so right rear door.”

“Okay, we have four in stock and they’re $2.28 apiece.”

Well, four of these guys broke on each door.

So my daughter takes a survivor to O’Reilly and they have two packs of two clips each, $5.99 per pack.

I check Amazon: $5.18 for a pack of 50. Prime. Gotta wait until Sunday to get them.

Lesson Lernt: Buy a bag of the clips before you do the door panel pulling project.

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