Why Must People Be So Ignorant On Craigslist Or Kijiji (a rant)

I recently posted an ad on Kijiji (basically the Canadian version of Craigslist) looking for someone who would be willing to tow my travel trailer across Canada for me. I work in Northern Alberta, but recently moved back to New Brunswick as I work a shift rotation and fly back and forth. There’s one little issue though, my travel trailer is in a storage facility here, and my F-150 is back home. “Simple!” I think, “I’ll just post an ad on Kijiji and offer to pay someones gas and a little something for their troubles to get it home.” Well not so fast now, cause the trolls and assholes will come out of the woodwork like crazy.


I’ve never understood what it is about online classifieds that just brings out the worst in people, but I have done a lot of buying and selling online, and it is endless. You know the people I mean. You have a car posted for $2500.00 and they come in with a “$600.00 CASH” post. Well buddy, of course it’s cash. I don’t fucking take MasterCard. Or the people who ask you to donate the car because they are unemployed. Or even better, the guy who wants you to take it to his “mechanic buddy” “to look it over”. The worst though is the guy who demands a CarProof report. It’s a 1988 Ford Tempo for $1000.00, GET BENT.


If you are one of these people, for the love of God, please stop. It makes things really unpleasant for the honest people that use these platforms. Also I think that its the reason why Facebook Marketplace is taking off so much. People on there seem to be a little less likely to do that when their face and name is attached to the post.

Anyway, that concludes my rant about idiots on the internet. Wait... what the hell did I expect?

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