Why must you be so expensive and far away...

Yesterday, Kristen Lee posted this phrase from her “How Batshit Crazy Are you About a Car” article (I may have the title wrong).

Well yes I did, sort of. It fills 4 of the 6 inquiries, so close enough.


In my girlfriend disapproved search for a Dodge Dakota Convertible, I came across this one, and it checks off all the character boxes.

  1. Red
  2. 4wd
  3. Manual

Ad Preserved:

1989 Dodge Dakota Convertible, truck is in good shape, body decent, few rot spots on lower front fenders and one spot in bed. Underneath is solid. New tires, clutch, rear brakes, e brake cables, radiator. Transmission was replaced. Top is in good shape. Restore or drive as is, I do. Turns heads. Drives nice down the road. When’s the last time you saw one? Asking 4500 or best offer.


From the pictures it looks good; however, all of the blemishes the seller brings up are missing. Perhaps they are just super attentive to detail and cite any blemish as a con, which is fine by me.

Garfield floor mats are not idea, but I am not opposed either.

Everything seems perfect, the configuration is right, it looks well taken care of, and the starting price isn’t completely asinine (mint these are worth 12k - yeah right), what could be wrong. Well, for starters, it is in Rhode Island, 1300 miles, and 28 hours away. On paper, $4500 for a 1989 Dakota is quite high, yes the 4wd manual is the rarest of the convertibles, but without the mileage it is very hard to analyze NPoCP.

Fortunately for me, the decision to go full Dave Tracy and make a crazy trip to purchase an old relic was decided. I had to pay my bills the same day and all my money went away. Womp womp.


Alas, the time has yet to come, patience. And to answer the seller’s question, the last time I saw one was about 3 months ago. So they are out there.


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