I love the Porsche 911, and I mean love in a slightly obsessed and unhealthy way. Perhaps I've been influenced by Richard Hammond or have been hanging around here too much. Because this is one of the few places that understands the strange obsession with the "fancy Beetle."

I'm also not picky about which 911 strikes my fancy, new ones, old ones...and how can I forget about the racing ones! But I couldn't help but notice that only certain generations get all the love.

Since the 991 is the new kid on the block that is understandable. And folks like Singer, RWB, and Magnus Walker have brought new life back into the 964. What about those in the middle? Take the 993 for example, no one really talks about that body style, which is too bad because it was the last air-cooled 911, it still had round headlamps (looking at you 996) and was an impressive performer.


So what say you...are we forgetting about some great Porsches (911s or otherwise)? Or are some in that weird zone of not old enough to be classic but also not the latest itineration?