Honestly, for years I had been lusting over the Chevy SS. When it became available with the magnetic suspension I was over the moon, because it came with the manual the same year. But... as anyone can see, the manuals are rare as hen’s teeth outside of ordering from the now-closed factory.

So, when shopping for new cars a month ago, I had narrowed my mid-size sport sedan choices down to an S4 or a 435i Gran Coupe. Didn’t like either too much and didn’t really want all-wheel-drive, and then the CTS Vsport rolled into my life.


I may be way off base here, but while I can understand the CUE gripes, it’s not nearly as bad as the system in my 2015 Mustang GT and is more usable and faster than my 2009 Garmin-equipped Kenwood system in my 09 Subaru.

The car is pure magic. It doesn’t sound great or even good most of the time, but it FITS so well. I’ve found the magic seat and steering wheel position, and the car moves them out of the way when I get out. It has a TFT gauge cluster that I can modify to my heart’s content, it pairs with my hone perfectly and has a 120v outlet so I can charge my USB-C devices at full speed.

She’s got front and rear parking sensors, cross traffic alert, a 3-D nav map view and so much more, there’s no feature I am missing. Seats are so comfortable it’s decadent...

Please tell me how wrong I am, Chevy SS faithful, because I can’t find a flaw with the CTS Vsport. I got her for 33k with two thousand miles and one year left on the factory warranty. I could have leased a new one cheaper, though, with a higher *actual* down payment...