I've been furiously beating off watching videos of V6 cars with resonator deletes on YouTube and I've decided that there is no way I'm not doing that to my big 3.8 liter in order to at least overwhelm the engine noise with actual exhaust.

But there's a problem.

I don't have a welder.
Or a blowtorch.

How much of an idiot would it make me if I cut it out with a dremel or hacksaw (which would only take about 30 hours of work to cut through /s) then went to lowes and grabbed two feet of steel tubing and held it in with fiberglass thermal tape tightly wrapped? The only person I know that owns a welder is currently deployed somewhere-or-another so I'm not able to use it, but I'd love to have this done before I graduate next year so I can show it off to my homiez, dawg.