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Why People Hate Chrysler

And Why I’m Glad To Work For Them

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See this? Its a 8-speed ZF automatic. Similar to what’s in, lets say, a Chrysler 300.

Now if said transmission is to break under warranty, how long would you think it’d take to get a replacement?


Well, here’s how long it took me, with some interesting dates.

  • August 22nd. Transmission was ordered
  • September 27th. The packaging date on the transmission box.
  • OCTOBER 26th (yesterday). The date the transmission arrived.

That’s right, it took them over a MONTH to procure a transmission for a customer that’s been without their car, and ANOTHER MONTH to ship it here, knowing full well they had an upset customer who couldn’t drive their vehicle, and I ordered the thing with premium transportation, had a expediting case going with FCA, and had our district rep involved as well.

And to top things off, somehow with so many hands in the cookie jar, my order got duplicated and I got ANOTHER transmission today.

I might as well keep it, just in case. You never know when another one is gonna break. We currently have 5 different FCA vehicles in for warranty transmission repairs/replacement in just this week, and we’re a pretty small dealer.

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