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Why quitting smoking is good for your car

So I am still craving cigarettes bad, have been on the e-cig train to curb my enthusiasm for the real deal. I think in writing this post I am convincing myself to not give in late in the game. I have smoked a few "analog" cigs but it really is nasty. So here it is. All the benefits your car and those around it reap by you quitting smoking.

Your car won't stink like them

I douched the hell out of the Mercedes this weekend. Still smells fresh and clean

You don't have ashes all over the damn place


No matter where you ash, it still floats around in the car. Nasty stuff

You can maintain a "virgin" car lighter


For when your hooptie attains classic status you don't have to get a replacement

You don't have an ashtray to clean


self explanatory. Your hands will stink for days, but NEVER AGAIN

Your windows don't get filmed up


with tar. Gross

You won't put burns in your seats


yup, the chance of it goes down 100%

Your passengers won't want to punch you in the face


at least the non smoking ones. The smoking ones might want to, but they can go to hell

All your passengers will be happier


just ask this guy

You don't look like a scrub driving it


What else OPPO, what did I miss on this list?

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