1. They are illegal

So, I’m just reading through my C&D and I stumble across an ad for a V1 radar detector.

This makes me furious how many people use completely illegal systems to slow down every one in a while. I’m ready for cop cars to start using devices that detect the detectors and bust the idiots. JUST LEARN TO GO AT THE SPEED LIMIT! IT’S FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!

2. They work. Very well, too.

They hardly ever fail, they detect multiple radar traps, and they even cancel out false alarms.


3. The ridiculous cost

$399. For something that will cost you thousands if you get pulled over.

4. The customer reviews


In the magazine I was reading, it also said this-

Cal. R

Topeka, Kansas

N ames changed to protect identity

It’s like they know it’s illegal, and they stop the cops from busting the retards!


Oh wait, they do know it’s illegal.

Update: Everyone, this is a troll post. I just wanna give laughs out.