Today marks the third time in the last month that I’ve rented a Mustang convertible. I plan to add a full review of the 2.3T and V6 versions sometime in the next couple weeks...

I’m in Orlando for a tradeshow/exhibition for work this week. My boss bowed out of the trip at the last minute, and was replaced with a colleague, so I decided to get the rental car. V6 Stang Vert for $25/day, including the toll pass and insurance. Why rent anything else? It’s hard to guarantee a sports car rental for under $75/day right now— everything out there is subcompact, SUV or Van.

Treat yo’self. Use Kayak (or an equivalent service), pare down to just convertibles, sort by price, find your Mustang of choice to rent. Honestly, they’re really quite spectacular— the 2.3T with the limited slip and 18" wheels moreso than the base V6. The Turbo, GT and GT350 are really impressive machines. The fit and finish is a little weak (rear windows on Vert and air vents, etc) but otherwise I think you’ll be blown away much as I’ve been. The new Mustang is that good.

As an aside: any Floridians out there? What local trouble should I get into? If you had a rental and were willing to drive up to 4 hrs roundtrip from Orlando for an evening out, where would you go?