Typical. I flipped on the breakers for my central air conditioner for the first time yesterday. It wasn't hot, but it was sticky out so I figured why not. I set the thermostat after that and then went about my business for the next couple of hours outside. While I was in the backyard I noticed the refrigerant lines (BOTH of them) were iced over. Hmmmm. In the house I go. It's warmer than before. No air circulating. Reset breaker. Nothing.

Compressor and condenser are good. I went in the attic and checked the blower and all appears well, but it just isn't working.....

The kicker? It's less than 3 years old. Entire new system that was installed in July of 2010. My old GE unit that was in place when I moved in was older than me and put over 35 years.

The unit has a 5 year warranty that is backed by the installer who is playing dumb right now. My receipts are buried right now and when I called them yesterday and got the standard "Are you sure it was us?" Thankfully we put this on a credit card.

Come fix my stuff and honor the agreement you bums!

Oh did I mention that one of the workers put their foot through my cieling when they were in my attic last time?


Here's a V6 Mustang photographed by me for no reason whatsoever. Thanks for reading the rant ;)