So don't misunderstand me here, I enjoy planes, my father was a liner pilot, my mother, an air hostess, grand father an aircraft mechanic and grand mother was serving food for Air France employees. I myself fly gliders once in a while when I'm in France (though my license is not valid anymore right now as I have not flown for too long).

But why do we get so many articles about planes on the front page these days/past couple weeks? It's fun but a bit out of touch with the supposed main purpose of Jalopnik which technically appeal to car geeks. If we combine, plane related articles along with general news articles from gawker and F1-only news, it does not leave much room to people who only care about driving and cars no?

Once again, don't try to get rid of me with fire here, it's just a remark. A little critic toward Jalopnik. I'd like to see less planes, less general news, less Nasc... sorry, F1 related drama and more fun articles about cars... that's all :)