We had a mysterious clear liquid fall from the sky fairly hard here in CA over the weekend, and this unfortunate Audi was outside. This is why sunroofs suck, kids. Especially big “panorama” roofs. This kind of thing happens all the time. In fact, this guy’s other car, a B5 Passat, lost its transmission module for the same reason a couple of years ago.

1” thick carpets & foam, soaked, with water running all the way down the A-pillar. The battery and extensive wiring reside under the seat and carpet. This won’t be cheap once corrosion sets in. All we can do for now is dry it out & re-glue the drains.

Dat waterline doe

The culprit. The tube was still attached to the drain, but shitty adhesive between the fitting and drain tube was overwhelmed by heavy water past the sunroof seals.


The drain nipple (heh heh, nipple) on the sunroof frame.


An appropriate song from one of my favorite bands.