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The Cizeta V16t is the definition of the supercar. Why? Because it's absolutely bat shit insane! I mean this car had sixteen cylinders! SIXTEEN! Who looks at a V12 and goes “You know, that isn’t enough. ” Ex-Lamborghini engineers, that’s who! In fact when the design of the car was pitched to Lamborghini they responded with “That’s a bit too extreme…” Lamborghini, the kings of “LOOK AT ME! I’M INSANE!” thought this car was too extreme! This wasn’t the tame Lamborghini that we get today. OH GOD NO! This was the Lamborghini that made the Diablo! In fact the design of this car was originally suppose to be for Diablo but Lamborghini had to soften it up to “meet the needs of the consumer. ”

So what else makes the Cizeta V16T bat shit insane? Well maybe the fact that it had a V16 instead of w16 engine like Bugatti has now. When it came time to put the engine in the car they ran into a little bit of trouble because the engine was as long as a football field and long cars don’t tend to handle to well. So what did the ex-Lamborghini engineers come up with as a solution? They decided to put the engine in…transversely! That’s right, they put the V16 in…on its side. This resulted in what has to be one of the widest cars ever made stretching out to an obscene 81 inches, or 6.75 feet! This raised yet one more problem for the engineers, how do we make it drive the car? Because the drive shaft is normally at the end of the engine it kind of makes it hard for it to power the car when it’s pointing ninety degrees away from where it needs to be. So to circumvent this the engineers decided to take two 3-liter V8s opposite to each other, weld them together, and then connect the end of the two engine’s area that would normally connect to the driveshaft into one with a “T” shaped mechanism thus making them act as one engine! That’s right, like this car wasn’t insane enough already; it had TWO ENGINES!


What else was insane about this car? The price! In 1991 when the car was released it had a price of U. S. $250,000 to U.S. $300,000. Now while today that wouldn’t sound too insane for a supercar, adjusting for inflation a Cizeta in today’s money would cost you around U. S. $436,000 to U.S. $512,000. What’s even crazier? You can still buy one to this day for the low, low cost of only $800,000. Though the large price tag is understandable since the cars are only made on a “made to order” basis.


Even though the car was a commercial failure with only nineteen cars having been sold before the company’s demise in 1995 and with only three cars were made post-mortem as of 2006 (one of which being the only convertible version that’s known to exist), the car still lives on in many gear head’s hearts as one of the most insane super cars ever made.