Why the fuck...(updated again)

...are we on our way back to the dark ages?


We climbed down out of the trees for a reason, people: it’s not that complicated. Just get your kids vaccinated.

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....and in an update to this, one of my engineers has just come down with a confirmed case, because his parents are morons and he was too dumb or complacent to find out his status and do something about it when the outbreak started.

So now everyone in the office who’s not known to be immune is assumed infected. So we’re having to send home a bunch of other dumb and complacent people who don’t know their status, until they can find out, and for those who aren’t immune, they have to self-quarantine for 14 days (and hope they haven’t already infected their family).


Jesus fucking wept.

Oh, and by the way, I’ve got a sore throat. Which had better not be the early symptoms of goddam measles, considering I’m both immunized and old enough to be in the naturally immune group! 99% effective =/= 100%.


Updated again:

Turns out that patient zero in our office actually was vaccinated, and is just one of the unlucky 1% on the losing side of “99% effective”. I humbly apologise to him and his parents.


Having done the math, if 90% of the population are vaccinated (for round numbers’ sake), and the vaccination is 99% effective, and the vaccinated and non-vaccinated are as likely as each other to get exposed, then around 10% of the victims of any outbreak will be vaccinated ones. So right now in NZ there are around 100 people who have a REALLY good reason to be pissed at the anti-vaxers.

Herd immunity: it’s not just good for morons and the high-risk.

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