So, just wondering, why does everyone hate Honda?

Let me just start out with an argument from my brother.

One of my dad's client brought in a 1992 Honda and I was just checking it out. It was really clean and I told my brother I liked it. He then proceeded to say it's crap and it makes no sense for me to like Honda. Now, I respect his opinion, but he also said his Camaro was a fun car and that I should like that. I do like his Camaro, but yet I don't.

We kept going back and forth and I just eventually walked away since I had to stream my professor online and ended the argument. I'm not trying to say, "All hail Honda, supreme ruler of cars!" What I am trying to say is they need SOME credit. Sure, they lack in areas here and there, but also produce some strengths.

I know they aren't the greatest cars on Earth and have attracted some really stupid customization. I still like them though and I respect other people's opinions and other car brands. Still, why the hate on Honda?