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Why the Hell did I Quit My Job?

Hello Oppos. I’m posting about this here, because I feel like I have no where else to talk about this.

Back in October I quit my job. I had spent the better part of 25 years working in tv broadcasting. The pay sucked, but I enjoyed it. My reasons for quitting were I couldn’t handle the stress of directing tv news shows every day, my relationships with a couple co-workers had eroded to where I thought I was going to get fired, and I was tired of not seeing my kids on a regular basis.


Because I have no college degree or real job training outside of television, I was able to get a job in retail as an assistant manager at a workwear clothing store.

This has been the dumbest goddamn decision in my life. I’m more stressed out than I was at my old job, I think a couple of the other managers want me gone, I can’t get any sleep, hours are getting cut so my wife’s worried about money, and the health insurance suuuuucks. When I mentioned something to my lead manager about going back to school, I was told that corporate has to approve it. The only upside is I get to have dinner with my kids at night and help them with homework.


I’m contemplating asking my old employer if I can come back, just in another capacity.

Thanks for just letting me get this off my chest. Here’s a pic of a Triumph chopper to appease the hivemind.

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