So, you want to sell your car. You don’t want to spend a lot on listing fees, and, let’s face it, the eBay listing process is just too long, with it’s questions, and requirement for basic description. What are you left with? Craigslist.

It’s free, semi-anonymous, and full of possibility. You can buy, sell, and trade anything there. It’s the flea market of the internet, if that flea market were held in a nearly lawless country after midnight. It’s like Mos Espa, but sans lightsabers and it’s in every town in America.

So what better spot than the marketplace for stolen bicycles and “massage services” to sell your $2.86 Million dollar 1957 BMW 507?

Via con Dios, hombre.


But seriously, I have so many questions.

Why Craigslist? Why not pony up a buck or two for, at least, and eBay ad? Why is the car on Atlanta’s Craigslist when the car is in Miami? What’s the VIN? If I show up to a parking lot with $2.5 Million in cash, can we make a deal? Or will I be murdered? I’m gonna get murdered, right?


Update: A reverse Google Image search shows the pictures were lifted from a German site. So, murdered for sure. I've got to give the poster credit for being so bold.

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