Why the Kinja Upgrades Don't Bother Me Anymore....

I wrote this last night and thought it was worth sharing with all of you today. I don't get worked up when Kinja changes because.... Kinja = Alfa (or insert favorite vintage car here). We love our vintage cars but they don't always work how we want them to. Sometimes we need a new part, sometimes we need to overhaul the whole damn thing. It is never going to run perfectly but there is a joy that we get from our vintage cars and from this place that is worth the hassle. Sure we love to complain about the glitches and changes but we keep coming back (most of us) just like we keep driving our piece of metal from another time. Because there is no other place like this for gearheads.

Of course I say all of this having never owned a vintage car. :P But I will stick around and I will complain like the rest of you and as long as this community drives like it does I'll keep on wrenching (I mean writing).


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