Chevrolet has been an american brand through and through for as long as anyone can remember. There is no doubt right now that the brand is living up to its expectations in 2014.

As you all know, the C7 is coming out this year, and everyone is excited for it. However, I believe that The Chevy SS is a victim of circumstance. The Chevy SS is the first rwd sedan from Chevy in nearly 20 years, and is coming to the markets late this year. 

Chevy has recently unveiled their new rwd sedan at Daytona raceway in front of a bunch of NASCAR loving people. NASCAR really is the only form of racing that is insanely popular in the United States, and since it is not popular in other countries, it is really only an american race.Chevy is really banking on the fact that the street car is remarkably similar to the stock car version of it. Ford has also been trying to do the same, but a recent video shows the ford having a significantly wider wheelbase as well as a lower center of gravity than its real car derivative.

Chevy is sononomous in the south as the only type of truck that people drive, purely because it is an american brand. Chevy has maintained that record throughout the years by not having their name appear in any other countries. Of course they have branches of GM in Austrailia and Europe, but the Chevy lovers don't care, and probably will never admit that the Chevy brand is in other continents. Even though the design of the Chevy SS is admittedly derived from the Holden branch of GM, it will no doubt be able to compete with the similar priced automobiles of today.


Now, there are some flaws (or suprises) with this upcoming car. It is reported to only have paddle shifters with its transmission, which doesn't really work for all of the stick shift lovers that reside in the US. Frankely, I don't think they know how the paddles work, especially seeing how a once premium option for a car is now going to be implemented on an economy car.(Seeing how this is a common critic, I think that they are rethinking the decision for future models.) However, pushing these small problems aside, you are left with a solid design that leads to promising sales among the average buyer that has no care about the drivetrain.

Finally, the fact that chevy is bringing back the small V8 with a fuel injected system combined with a RWD platform is promised to be a butt load of fun. With the recent debut of a lack luster Chevy police car, I believe that Chevy could get back in the game with the SS. It holds the key values instilled by the crown Vic. The SS has a RWD platform, plenty of power from an american V8, and is a 4 door sedan. The car definately has potential.


So, what do you think about this car? Is it going to be a sweet ride, or a overengineered family car?