Why The New F1 Safety Regulations Are Crap

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Let me start by saying that in racing safety is always an issue and we should always be aware of the danger. Any and every accident is bad. With that, I will also say that safety is becoming too much of a concern with the FIA. I know that sounds crazy, but here me out. The new F1 cars are ugly as all hell. The designers have had to sacrifice aerodynamics for safety regulations.


We all know F1 used to be an extremely dangerous sport. 2 drivers died every year on average, that is 2 too many. But that's not true anymore, the last driver death in F1 was Ayrton Senna 20 years ago in 1994. Since then there have also been next to no serious injuries caused by accidents during an F1 race weekend. The cars are extremely safe. Need proof? Go on YouTube and search F1 crash, you'll see new F1 cars rolling and flipping and literally exploding into hundreds of pieces. And than what happens? Does the driver die? Does he need to get out on a stretcher due to an inability to walk? No, 9/10(under exaggeration) he will get out of the car and walk away or get mad his race is over. That's where safety is now. Those crashes can happen and drivers will be more worried about there race than an injury. And that 1 time they need immediate medical attention? Those are freak incidents that will happen no matter what, and drivers accept that, the know the danger.

And yet the FIA still feels the need to make F1 cars safer and safer, at the expense of speed and style. The FIA should not be focused so intensely on safety, but on making cars faster, more competitive, fun to watch, and efficient.


Again, safety should always be a concern and always be in the back of engineers and rule makers minds, but it really shouldn't be as large of a focus as it is. It's becoming too much of a focus. F1 has become more boring. Safety is not the only reason for that, but it's a big reason for it.

EDIT: Allow me to add these following things: I don't not in any way at all think we should remove safety regulations. Ever. They are perfect how they are for the performance of the cars. And as the performance increases, so should the safety regulations, to stay at par with performance. But the FIA shouldn't add regulations for no reason aside from "it's safer" because that's unnecessary and it usually sacrifices speed. Also, I really like look of the low noses, aside from how Ferrari did it. That thing it ugly. What I don't like is the little crash tips in front of the front wings, those are ugly. Finally, really the only way to prevent a decapitation in an accident like Alonso's at Spa is to make the car closed cockpit. Which honestly, forgetting all the nostalgia crap, I would endorse. The cars would look so much cooler and they would be more aerodynamic. But most people would hate that because F1 has always been open cockpit.

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