Long live the Chrysler midsize convertibles. For almost two decades Chrysler has been making a convertible based off of it's midsize Sebring/200 platform. In todays world of beige midsize automobiles this is something worth applauding. The convertible is a dying breed. Federal regulations almost killed off the convertible in 1973. Thankfully they did not. However they did manage to kill off a large market of convertibles across the automotive landscape.

Hunted like deer during a redneck holiday, convertibles almost went extinct. Think back to the 1960s and 1950s almost every car company had convertibles for almost every car in the lineup. The Ford Galaxie, Chevy Corvair, Cadillac Eldorado, Ford Falcon, Chrysler New Yorker, etc. In this golden era everyone could experience open top motoring without having to compromise. Open-air motoring wasn't just relegated to buyers fortunate enough to own a British roadster. The golden age of the convertible died off in the 1970s and with it the chance of having fun in the sun while driving died as well.

In the 1990's a renaissance brought the idea of the convertible back to life. Consumers finally got the beloved Mazda Miata. Surges of sunbathers were finally liberated from the fascist T-top crazed bureaucratic car companies! Convertibles were affordable yet again, unless of course you wanted a midsize car.

Thankfully Chrysler realized this in the 1990's and saved the day. The Sebring Convertible was born. And what a great car it was. Sure it isn't the fastest car but with the top down at 65mph who needs fast? The Sebring has character. It offers the driver the chance to experience the road and enjoy a fine summers afternoon with 93 million miles of headroom. You may be thinking, "This guy is an idiot a Miata is the best affordable convertible." I would agree with you the Miata is a great affordable convertible, but it isn't the best. The Miata has one huge problem. It is a roadster. All roadsters are useless. The luggage room provided by a roadster is less than you could get from strapping two saddlebags onto the back of a horse. Sometimes people need that extra bit of room in the car. Sometimes people need rear seats! Sometimes people want horrible 4 speed transmissions with anemic 200hp V6 engines! It all comes down to your priorities.


There is a reason so many rental car companies have Sebring and 200 convertibles. They are the perfect cars for a fun time if you have a family. Like every car the Sebring Convertible has flaws, in fact the car has more flaws than most. I forgive Chrysler and the Sebring however because once you take the car out and drive it on a nice sunny afternoon you have smile on your face. It lets you experience the fun and enjoyment of wind in your hair. Without the Sebring the Toyota Solara and Pontiac G6 convertible may never have been born. Regardless of if you like the Sebring or not it is one of the few cars that carries the torch for the American tradition of soft-top cruisers.

What is the best part about the Sebring Convertible? It is a great car to go hunting for barn finds. No B pillar, C pillar, or roof gives this car excellent visibility. Still not sold on the Sebring convertible? Fine, continue to dislike this car all you want. Drive one. I guarantee there will be a smile on your face.

Now if only the new Chrysler 200 offers a convertible. Long live Chrysler Convertibles!


Jarod Rose likes to occasionally write articles on Oppositelock because he finds it fun. He is in college and is attempting to restore a 1959 Lincoln (not his brightest idea.) He hopes you like this article and stop belittling the Sebring Convertible. You are making it cry and feel self conscious, jerk.